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Huyện Mộc Châu, Tỉnh Sơn La




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WiFi miễn phí tại Retreat Home Bản Dọi Mộc Châu


Bạn đủ điều kiện nhận giảm giá Genius tại Retreat Home Bản Dọi Mộc Châu! Để tiết kiệm tại chỗ nghỉ này, bạn chỉ cần đăng nhập.

Nằm ở Mộc Châu với tầm nhìn ra núi, Retreat Home Bản Dọi Mộc Châu cung cấp chỗ nghỉ với khu vườn, phòng chờ chung, sân hiên và nhà hàng. Wi-Fi miễn phí được cung cấp ở toàn bộ chỗ nghỉ.

Nơi đây còn có phòng tắm riêng với vòi xịt/chậu rửa vệ sinh ở một số căn, cùng đồ vệ sinh cá nhân miễn phí, máy sấy tóc và dép đi trong phòng.

Khách tại homestay có thể thưởng thức bữa sáng thực đơn à la carte hoặc kiểu lục địa.

Khuôn viên của Retreat Home Bản Dọi Mộc Châu có sân chơi trẻ em và du khách có thể câu cá ở khu vực gần đó.

Sân bay gần nhất là Sân bay Thọ Xuân, cách chỗ nghỉ 205 km.

Thông tin thêm về Retreat Home Bản Dọi Mộc Châu:
- Địa chỉ: Đường Bản Dọi, Mộc Châu, Việt Nam
- Số điện thoại: [Không rõ]
- Website:

Đánh giá từ người dùng
- Hạng mục Nhân viên phục vụ: 9.9/10
- Hạng mục Tiện nghi: 9.5/10
- Hạng mục Sạch sẽ: 9.5/10
- Hạng mục Thoải mái: 9.5/10
- Hạng mục Đáng giá tiền: 9.8/10
- Hạng mục Địa điểm: 9.3/10
- Hạng mục WiFi miễn phí: 8.8/10

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Huyện Mộc Châu


Thành viên BQT
Tham gia
Nhìn thấy lần cuối
Điểm Reaction
Cần hỗ trợ? Báo cáo
Great Place - 10/10
The owners are super nice and helpful. They were always ready to help with anything I needed and greeted me with open arms after a long drive.
It's a little farther away from civilization than I expected. That can be a good thing. However, the village is super small.
Cannot reccomend enough, really lovely authentic experience with a lovely family. - 10/10
Lovely property with the friendliest family. We had such a great time with Nhung & Vhung. Delicious authentic dinner and rice wine, with very open and interesting conversation. Made us feel very welcome and we really enjoyed our stay.
Is a little out of the way, but not a big deal as they can order taxis or rent you motorbikes
Exceptional - 10/10
My Host was so nice. I was sick and she and her son help me so much, so i was able to be on my motorbike the next day. Very friendly and lovely person. Always smiling. Thank you so much again!
Exceptional - 10/10
We are so glad we chose this homestay for our trip to Moc Chau. The hosts are so friendly and made us feel very welcome, like a home away from home. The house itself is beautiful and the surroundings very peaceful. We enjoyed the food at dinner time and also the coffee and breakfast in the morning... Nhung makes delicious pancakes! She also made me ginger and lemongrass tea when I was feeling unwell. We also enjoyed a wonderful trek through the surrounding villages with Dung. Thank you for your hospitality!
Warm, welcoming stay - 10/10
The hosts are incredibly nice and kind. They were very helpful in giving us directions to the accommodation, advice on where to rent a scooter and they waited for us to get there very late at night. They welcomed us into their homes with open arms and treated us to a few lovely, homemade goodies and a warm fire.
The location is gorgeous. It's a shame we were only there for one night.
We would totally recommend this place if you want to get away from the noise and the crowds.
Beautiful homestay, delicious food and welcoming family - 10/10
Beautiful house with very welcoming warm family. They were trying their best for us to feel comfy. Food was just amazing and trying sugar cane amd corn prepared in fire was very interesting.
The location is a bit uncomfortable, especially if you dont have your private car.
Heaven. - 10/10
Very cosy and so friendly. Felt like one of the family. Had dinner with them every evening. And they looked after me so well
Exceptional - 10/10
We are truly welcome here. On the first day we arrived, we had delicious chicken hotpot and grilled food over an open fire. The scenery here is so poetic and fresh. We enjoyed delicious food and were shown beautiful places in Moc Chau and were also treated to a party before leaving. Thank you very much Mr Dung and Mrs Nhung for giving us a wonderful vacation and see you again in the near future.
A great holiday at Retreat Home - 10/10
I love this homestay
The owner is very friendly and helpful
Food is very delicious
Drink is very good
I will come back
Highly recommend
Everything is good
A peaceful, beautiful place. - 10/10
Mr. and Mrs. Tran are absolutely wonderful hosts. I felt entirely at home here. I came to Moc Chau for the Vietnam Trail Series 42K race, and this was my first time in Vietnam, so I really didn’t know what I was doing or what to expect. I knew that I needed somewhere quiet, peaceful, and surrounded by nature. Retreat Home was perfect. I spent my week here walking and running through the beautiful mountains and tea plantations, reading on the patio attached to my room, and eating the delicious food home-cooked by Mrs. Tran (The grilled pork with lemongrass, onion, ginger, and pepper was incredible.) It was the perfect place for me to prepare for the race, both physically and mentally. The room was clean and quiet and had everything I needed to feel comfortable. If you like nature, tasty authentic Vietnamese cuisine, peaceful environment (they even put on relaxing Vietnamese music during mealtime) and friendly hosts, this is the place for you! Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Tran!
It was a bit far from town, but this really is not a problem, as you can rent a moto or call a cab for a good price.
Lovely, quiet, inexpensive place with very caring staff. - 10/10
Great place in the heart of Moc Chau. Surrounded by green hills of tea plantations. I visited this place for mountain running competition. I love nature and silence, so I stopped here. Not far from the hotel there are various trekking routes, beautiful nature, so if you like hiking or mountain running, then this is a good place. Most of all I liked the caring attitude of the owner Ms. Tran. I felt at home, like at my mother :) The rooms are not big, but clean and comfortable, everything you need is there. Nothing prevented me from resting. Besides, I can say about the menu prepared by Ms. Tran, here everyone can find a dish to their liking. Everything is very tasty. The hotel has a BBQ, a small playground where children can play, convenient parking for cars and sun loungers on the second floor overlooking the valley. Usually I stay only in expensive five star hotels, but this time I did not have time to book and chose Retreat Home, to my surprise everything was fine with a high level of quality.
I missed the big slippers
amazing stay - 10/10
perfect. everything was amazing and the family are the best! amazing prices and great food.
Very Poor - 2.0/10
The staff were very nice and the view was beautiful.
The room was much much below our expectations. The bathroom was flooded, the toilet was completely broken, there were lots of insects in the whole room - even some dead mosquitoes on the floor. There was no air conditioner and the fan was so so noisy all night, and even though there was a fan in the room, it was very hot and humid
Exceptional - 10/10
L'accueil chaleureux dès notre arrivée. L'accès à la vie de famille. L'emplacement pour la vue.
L'hôtesse a été aux petits soins pour un de nous deux, qui était malade et a organisé le transport en taxi aller/retour.
Les crêpes aux bananes sont excellentes!
De - 10/10
On a passé une super soirée avec toute la famille ! Le lieu est génial avec une vue incroyable sur la vallée ! Nous avons partagé le repas et le karaoké, on en gardera de très très bons souvenirs !
Bon comme on est des français, le lit était un peu dur pour nous et la chambre manquait d'une petite climatisation, mais rien de grave !
Vraiment un bel endroit avec une famille charmante - 10/10
J’ai adoré l’accueil de la famille, une belle petite maison en bois à la sortie du village, très calme, et en pleine nature.
J’ai partagé le repas avec la famille, c’était vraiment super.
Merci beaucoup
Rien à signaler
Nếu gia đình có xe ô tô thì là đây một điểm đến đáng để trải nghiệm - 10/10
Đáng để mọi người trải nghiệm
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